Mankind is not responsible for global warming.
*Latest Update:2010/5/8(オレゴンプロジェクトの論文の図を縮小しました)
*Previous Update:2010/4/29(宇宙線説→『スベンスマルク効果』、『スベンスマルク説』の表記を追加)
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The purpose of this website is to protest fraud-manmade-global warming theory, alarmism, and misguided policy decisions.

◆人類のせいでは無いという根拠 1 → オレゴン科学医学研究所による、9千名以上の博士号を含む3万名以上の科学者による署名とその根拠となっている論文
◆The reason human is not responsible 1 → Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine, The petition project signed by more than 30000 scientists including 9000 Ph.D, and the peer-reviewed scientific article.

◆人類のせいでは無いという根拠 2 → スベンスマルク効果、スベンスマルク説=宇宙線説=太陽活動説を確信させる強力なエビデンス(スベンスマルク博士らの根拠と関連論文)→一部訂正
◆The reason human is not responsible 2 → The strong evidences that are convincing the solar activity theory = the galactic-cosmic-ray theory

◆The big lies of the man-made global warming theory in the propaganda movie "An Inconvenient Truth" performed by the former-Vice-President Al Gore

◆The related news and the films are uploaded on You-Tube.(till 2010/5/8, 65 clips are uploaded including "Climate Gate", )

(Other plans I am preparing and considering : the lies of the UN-IPCC and of the scientists especially that have tried to demolish the Medival Warm Climate Optimum with fraud data operation, Japanese translation of the NIPCC articles,, etc.)

Therefore, I demand to the Japanese government and relating organizations and activists, as follows.

Stop immediately the huge payment of like "10 billion dollars" for Russia to purchase CO2 emissions rights.

The money must be used for social insurance and welfare and any purposes for the better life and the future for purselves, unnecessary to increase tax.

Share the money not only in Japan but also in the developping countries if it is truly effectively used for lifting themselves from poverty.

So immediately recall the ratification of Kyoto-Treaty and reject it.

It is easily forecasted that people who are engaged in the business relating to global warming and environmental issues will consequently in many lose their jobs. The governments have to build firm infrastructure for job training in order that the jobless-people be accepted in other fields, and also have to inform Japanese people to let them understand the issue. For example, like No2 mentioned above, we are also in short of people engaged in social insuarance and welfare, it will be much more beneficial for Japanese ourselves if more diligent people are working in those fields.

The reason why I demand I mentioned above.

The climate changes we have seen these days are only natural variations and are mostly caused by solar activity, not by human activity.

So, the scientific basis made by IPCC, international policy decision guided upon its basis(for example, CO2 emission trade, legal action for restrictions of CO2 emmission and hydrocarbon use), all the kinds of broadcasts alarming the thread and the damage caused by global warming, threatening activities of radical environmentalists, are wrong at all.

This is a great sin and crime for all the humankind and for all the creatures on the planet.

Eventually, it will be proven that manmade-global warming hyperthesis, hysteria, and the measures taken for them, are all wrong.

Then, the money spent for the measures to global warming will turn to be totally wasting of money. Moreover, it will mean that we have been killing people whom we could have salvaged if we were using the money for them.

It will also mean that we have made a serious delay for the advancement of human prosperity and welfare, even we might have messed up a lot of potential of new technologies and businesses.

And too much pressure on enterprises and people by restricting the use of hydrocarbonates which is the main energy source at the present time, it will possivelly damage the economic base and advancement.

Economic depression will cause less taxrevenues and less profit, less investment on new energy technologies. It even means disturbing and laying solutions of the real problem of humankind.

It is not only consequently squeezing our neck by ourselves, but it is also a stupid scheme that might deprive of the chance of our children.

It also means retreat of our culture and living.

At the same time, politicians taking such a policy, media broadcasting such a story, and scientists will become less reliable for the people.

As a result, there would be less credibility on the politics, more economic gap among people, much less people intereted in the politics.

Then, bad politicians, bad media, activists having ulterior motives, and bad scientists will get to do much more they want.

I have realized these deception, I raise an objection and accuse their evils for ourselves rather than keeping silence.

And anyone that realizes it should do the same. Not only Japanese, but also the people all over the world.

We must really get angry with the mis-use of the tax.

Not only the tax, it might also mean wasting limited resources of brain, labor, talent, and time.

We must realize that it is a big crime killing people that we cannot see directly by the misuse of the tax, whom we must have salvaged if we used the money properly.

And now we must realize and understand the real problem and the essence which awaits for us.

The real problem we mankind eventually will have is shortage of energy and provisions in the future.

They must stop hiding the real problem and stop repeating the misuse of money and time and labor which has no value.

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